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Charlotte Drug Crime Attorneys serving Mecklenburg County and Surrounding Areas

Outside of using drugs as legally prescribed, the use, possession, manufacture, and distribution of drugs in North Carolina are serious crimes. The state imposes harsh sentences for convictions of these crimes, ranging from stiff fines to lengthy jail sentences.

If you are charged with drug crimes, you need immediate support from an experienced criminal defense attorney. A drug crime defense lawyer from our firm can provide support throughout the criminal process-from protecting your rights during questioning to the trial or appeals.

How our Charlotte drug crime attorneys can help

We have extensive experience providing clients with an effective criminal defense and can help in many ways, including the following:

  • Protecting your rights after arrest: The U.S. Constitution provides you certain rights stating that you are not required to provide evidence that supports the case against you. It is easy to accidentally make statements that provide evidence against you-even if you are completely innocent. When you request your Miranda rights to remain silent and to an attorney, you do not have to say anything until your attorney is there to help you. Christopher T. May has the experience needed to protect you from illegal questioning and handle all processes that take place after an arrest.
  • Building an effective defense: Although everyone is considered to be innocent until proven guilty, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney in Charlotte to refute evidence against you and use other techniques to ensure you get the best possible results for your case. When you need experienced attorneys to dig deeply into the details of your situation to make sure illegally obtained evidence is not used in court and to argue or mitigate other evidence against you, The Law Offices of Estwanik & May, PLLC provides the effective defense you need.
  • Negotiating prior to trial: The circumstances behind your charges may not justify your full release. But a skilled lawyer can often negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution to reduce the charges or the potential sentence.

The importance of retaining criminal law attorneys in Charlotte

Even if the charges are relatively minor-or if you are completely innocent of the charges, do not attempt to handle your own defense. If you have been charged with a drug crime in North Carolina, you are dealing with a very serious situation. You need the skilled legal support of a criminal defense law firm as of the first moments after an arrest to ensure your rights are protected.


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