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Criminal Charges Defense Lawyers

Criminal charges and the criminal process can be confusing. North Carolina has multi-step processes from being stopped for questioning, to trial, and potentially through the appeals process. To protect your rights, your criminal law attorney must ensure that the rules for each step of the process are carefully observed.

  • Prosecution must prove guilt
  • Right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions
  • Right to an attorney

No matter how small the charge may seem, you benefit from having an attorney present. Experienced criminal law attorneys in Charlotte have a detailed understanding of your rights and how to protect them. When you need a Charlotte criminal defense attorney, The Law Office of Estwanik & May, PLLC protects your rights and makes sure your case is treated with the attention that is required.

Our criminal law firm handles a full range of cases that include, but are not limited to, the following charges:

  • Alcohol-related crimes
  • Drug-related crimes
  • Weapons and assault crimes
  • Traffic crimes
  • Court-related crimes
  • Misdemeanors
  • Larceny
  • Shoplifting
  • Resisting public officers
  • Carrying a concealed weapon

Our Charlotte criminal law attorneys can help with a wide range of issues

Alcohol-Related Crimes

Crimes involving alcohol range in severity and can result in stiff fines, jail time, loss of license, or community service. A criminal law attorney at The Law Office of Estwanik & May, PLLC can make sure your rights are protected and help you to challenge the following alcohol-related charges:

  • DWI/DUI/BWI/drunk driving
  • Under 21 DWI
  • Open container
  • Underage possession of alcohol
  • Intoxicated and disruptive/drunk and disorderly
  • Public intoxication

Drug-Related Crimes

North Carolina laws address drug use and possession with harsher sentences than alcohol because narcotics are illegal unless they are being used specifically as instructed by a doctor. Possession of any illegal substance or narcotic paraphernalia is a serious crime and has penalties that range from large monetary fines to lengthy jail sentences.
If you are charged with a drug-related crime, contact The Law Offices of Estwanik & May, PLLC as soon as possible. Our drug crime attorneys will advise you through all questioning and take the steps necessary to protect your rights during this difficult process.

Weapons and Assault

In North Carolina, endangering a person’s life with a weapon can be punished with jail time, a fine, or a combination of sentences. Even a simple assault can carry a sentence involving jail.

More severe penalties can be considered when the chance of injury was great even if the actual injury was minor. Even causing someone to fear injury is a crime-it is not necessary to physically touch the person.

The laws concerning weapons and assault are complex and the punishments can vary greatly. It is critical to retain an attorney who understands the laws of your state. If you or a loved one has been charged with a weapons crime or assault, contact a criminal law attorney from The Law Office of Estwanik & May, PLLC. We will be at your side every step of the way, and we will use our detailed knowledge of state laws to protect your rights and defend you.

Traffic Crimes

Traffic violations often require a strong criminal defense. A Charlotte traffic attorney from The Law Office of Estwanik & May, PLLC provides a full range of support for traffic issues, including the following:

  • Driver’s license restoration
  • DMV hearings
  • Suspended driver’s license from tickets/points

Criminal Charges

Once you have been charged with a crime, the Charlotte courts have certain criminal defense requirements that must be followed to avoid further problems. The Law Office of Estwanik & May, PLLC provides the assistance needed when you are charged with crimes such as the following:

  • Failure to pay fine
  • Failure to appear/missed court date
  • Order for arrest

We can also assist with the expungement or expunction of some charges from your criminal record. It may be possible to remove arrest records when the person charged is not convicted. In certain cases, juveniles convicted of a crime can get the records of the conviction expunged to offer them the opportunity for a fresh start.


Even when you are charged with a relatively minor crime, you may subject to a complicated legal process and face significant penalties. To ensure that your rights are protected, you need the services of an attorney who understands the details of the legal process within the state. The Law Office of Estwanik & May, PLLC offers misdemeanor attorneys who are well-versed in the laws of North Carolina and can help you obtain the best result when charged with any misdemeanor crime including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Trespassing
  • Shoplifting
  • Solicitation of prostitution
  • Crimes against nature
  • Public urination
  • Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) violations

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